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NEONJUJU Mar 04, 2016 07:22 AM

NeonJUJU ,a song with sounds by Paul McCartney.
Hi BeatleLinks, :music2:

We are two musicians, from Wasterlie Islands, near Rio de Janeiro. We love the music of Sir Paul McCartney.

We were inspired by his compositions for Skype Emojis and we decided to make something with those cool sounds. Step by step, we finally composed a seven minutes epic pop psychedelic song with the music of these 10 emojis.

We live on two different islands so the all composition process was made through Skype.

Naturally, we called our song : « Lucy In The Skype With Diamonds ».

Warm Regards,

Joćo Phantom & Nilo Cake from the Band NEON JUJU
twitter: lucyintheskype2

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