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Jerry Apr 28, 2003 10:20 PM

017 - January 17
January 17

Performance at the Cavern, with the Remo Four, and Ian and the Zodiacs.


"Please Please Me" enters the UK Record Retailer chart.

Performance at the Cavern Club at lunchtime and in the evening at the Majestic Ballroom, Birkenhead. At the Majestic, every ticket had been sold in advance, leaving 500 disappointed fans waiting outside.


"I Want To Hold Your Hand" number 1 (US Cashbox).

"Day Tripper" number 1, 5th and last week (Irish Singles Chart).

Studio 2. 7:00pm-12:30am. Recording: "Penny Lane" (overdub onto take 9). Mono mixing: "Penny Lane" (remixes 9-11, from take 9). Tape copying: "Penny Lane" (of remix mono 11). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: Phil McDonald.

Recording of the B flat piccolo trumpet solo for "Penny Lane", performed by David Mason.

Article published in the "Daily Mail": "The holes in our roads".

Agreement between Epstein and Ashley Kozak, Donovan's manager: he will play a 6-day engagement at the Saville Theatre.


"Hello Goodbye" number 1, 7th and last week (UK Record Retailer).

George returns to London.

RCA House, London. Lunchtime reception in honour of Grapefruit, attended by John, Paul and Ringo.


UK LP release: Yellow Submarine (Apple PCS 7070).


Abbey Road number 1, 15th week (UK Record Retailer).

Live Peace In Toronto, 2nd week in the ranking (US Billboard).

"She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" covered by Joe Cocker number 36 (Dutch Top 40).


Imagine number 1, 2nd and last week (Australia Kent Music Report).

"Imagine" number 1, 4th week (Australia Kent Music Report).


Blast From Your Past number 30 (US Billboard).

In Los Angeles, an exhibition of Linda's photographs is on display at the Jan Baum and Iris Silverman Gallery.

Wings' concert tour of Japan is officially cancelled.


Double Fantasy number 1, 4th week (US Billboard).

"(Just Like) Starting Over" number 1, 4th week (US Billboard).
"(Just Like) Starting Over" number 1, 4th week (US Cashbox).
"(Just Like) Starting Over" number 1, 5th week (Canadian RPM Magazine).
"(Just Like) Starting Over" number 1, 2nd week (Irish Singles Chart).

"Imagine" number 1, 2nd week (UK Record Retailer).

"Happy Xmas (War Is Over) number 6, 2nd week (Dutch Top 40).

The John Lennon Collection number 1 (Australia Kent Music Report).

Linda McCartney is arrested at Heathrow for possession of marijuana.

US single release: "Only Love Remains"/"Tough On A Tightrope" (Capitol B-5672).

Paul performs in concert at Wembley Arena, London ("Get Back Tour").

At the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford, Yoko's art exhibition "Have You Seen The Horizon Lately" is on display.

In Washington, D.C., an exhibition of Beatles photographs taken by Harry Benson is on display at the Govinda Gallery.

In Tampa, Florida, the exhibition of Linda's pictures entitled "Sixties" is on display at the Tampa Museum of Art.

A long-lost recording featuring John Lennon and Mick Jagger was set to spark a biding war at a London auction. The acetate record was recorded in 1974 with Jagger singing the blues song "Too Many Cooks" and John playing guitar. The track had never been release because the two artists were both signed to different record companies.

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