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Jerry Dec 16, 2000 01:03 AM

New Category?
Well, I think I've messed around with the pages enough for now. On the home page, things would look a little more even if I had just one more category for the links. I was thinking "Paul Is Dead" but there are only a few sites that focus only on that. Any suggestions?

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FPSHOT Dec 16, 2000 11:13 PM

Re: New Category?

are you refering to the new site outlook again?

I see you've changed again a few things since I last looked at it. I went throught the link at the bootom of the above topic.

I personally think that the Paul Is Dead issue is just another one as so many, with all respect. I guess about 80% of our readers know about it. Look at Trivia and Montly Questions, knowledge is on high level.

What I miss is a direct link to Newspages, like Abbey Road, but there are others. That would really be worthwhile to me.

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frizxtes Dec 24, 2020 12:55 AM

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