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El Gos Coix Aug 15, 2014 07:37 AM

Looking for the most complete BBC collection
Some time ago I got CD-R versions of the 9-CD 'Complete Catalogue of Beatles BBC Recordings' released by Panda Records. Now I was thinking of trying to buy them on real CDs (both for the sake of having the original releases with their covers, and because my CD player cannot usually play CD-Rs, for some reason).

I'm not intent on buying these Panda Records CDs specifically, and I'd appreciate a collection that is really as complete as possible, and at least good-sounding. Of course, with the entire programmes, chatter and all. Do you know what would be the best option?

I've been browsing Amazon for some BBC collections, and most of the bad reviews I find are based either on the fact that they are bootleg CDs (which, of course, I know) or on the fact that they can be downloaded for free somewhere (which I cannot be bothered about). And I cannot get a clear idea of which one the most complete one is. Any help?

Bongo Aug 15, 2014 10:52 AM

Keep checking Ebay & Amazon. Too bad you don't feel like downloading, 'cause it's probably all on YouTube.

El Gos Coix Aug 17, 2014 04:17 AM

Yes, the problem is what I must look for. There are plenty of compilations in both sites you've mentioned, but since they are all expensive, I'd rather not buy anything until I know it's worth the money. I know the one I have on CD-R is rather good, but I'd like to know whether there is a better one.

Bongo Aug 17, 2014 01:00 PM

Well too bad you don't want to download from YouTube, 'cause it's real easy & free:

El Gos Coix Aug 18, 2014 03:54 AM

Yes, I know that I might easily find the things that are not included in my CD-Rs and download them as mp3 files. But I've never been much into digital files. I know many people who have hard drives full of songs, films or books, most of which they've never heard, watched or read, and they never will. I prefer to have less things, but have them in a tangible format, and really enjoy them. Even if I decided to transfer all those mp3 files to CD-Rs, which are tangible, I'd be missing the information on the back cover and/or the booklet. Which I might probably be able to download somewhere, too. But I feel too lazy about all that, so I prefer to buy the CDs, if I can afford them. If not, it's a matter of saving up until I can. :smoking2:

lasrolo Apr 13, 2017 04:11 AM

You can find a great Beatles collection with names of albums/ song and lyrics of all songs at
Try it out because has the lyrics for almost all Beatles songs

FabDude Mar 06, 2018 07:16 AM

Great Dane had 9 CD collection of BBC material.
So did the Radioactive CD label...

beatleross May 30, 2022 11:06 PM

Purple Chick does a great 10 cd set and MisterClaudel does a superior 16 CD set too

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