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Jerry Apr 28, 2003 10:21 PM

020 - January 20
January 20

Rusty Anderson, best known as the accompanying lead guitarist for Paul McCartney's tours since 2001, is born.


US LP release: Meet The Beatles! (Capitol ST-2047).

Epstein returns to England from Paris.

Brian is appointed a director of Subafilms Limited, a new film production company.

Norman Weiss of the GAC agency flies from the US to meet Brian.


"I Feel Fine", 8th and last week in the Top 10 (UK Record Retailer).

Broadcast of the programme "Shindig" in the US (recorded October 9, 1965).

Robert and Jean-Claude Lambot say they would wish to change the Beatles haircut style.

Studio 2. 7:00pm-1:10am. Recording: "A Day In The Life" (tape reduction take 4 into takes 5-7, overdub onto take 6). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: Phil McDonald.

Recording of Paul's vocal for "A Day In The Life".


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band number 1, 25th week (Australia Kent Music Report).

Magical Mystery Tour number 1, 3rd week (US Billboard).

"Hello, Goodbye" number 2, 2nd week (Dutch Top 40).

"Magical Mystery Tour" EP number 5, 2nd week (Dutch Top 40).

"Those Were The Days" number 1, 5th week (Oricon Hot Singles Chart).

"Let It Be" shootings move to the 3 Savile Row basement, where a new studio has been installed.

"Wonderwall" premiere in London.

John and Yoko cut their hair in Denmark.

John meets Yoko's parents for the first time.

"Hi, Hi, Hi" number 6 (Dutch Top 40).

"Happy Xmas (War Is Over) number 19 (Dutch Top 40).

In Los Angeles, an exhibition of Linda's photographs is on display at the Jan Baum and Iris Silverman Gallery.

"Mull Of Kintyre" number 1, 2nd week (German Media Control Top 100).

The Beatles are inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. George, Ringo, Yoko, Sean and Julian attend the ceremonies.

Paul performs in concert at Wembley Arena, London ("Get Back Tour").

In Japan, on the program "Beat UK", Paul and his band perform and are interviewed (videotaped December 13, 1990).

At the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford, Yoko's art exhibition "Have You Seen The Horizon Lately" is on display.

In Washington, D.C., an exhibition of Beatles photographs taken by Harry Benson is on display at the Govinda Gallery.

In Tampa, Florida, the exhibition of Linda's pictures entitled "Sixties" is on display at the Tampa Museum of Art.

Tourism chiefs in Liverpool were banned from putting up motorway signs saying "Liverpool, the Birthplace Of The Beatles", because the Highways Agency thought the signs would distract motorists.


1 number 1, 6th week (US Billboard).
1 number 1, 7th week (European Music & Media).


"My Sweet Lord" number 1 (UK Music Week).


Love number 1, 7th and last week (European Music & Media).

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