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numbernine Oct 03, 2009 11:32 AM

Hey Jude confusion.(3:25 edit version or the 5 minute version)
ok here is my original blog:

There are rare beatles records that are on hip pocket record format ( they were these very small records in the 60's that were flexible and you had to play them on this little player, They were a flop but are now a rare collectors items )

for more info

Can someone anyone know where I could find the 3:25 edited version of hey jude to download. in mp3 format if anything .I've never heard it & I would love to see how & when it fades or does it just stop when the needle runs out of grooves?

An offer if not available online yet.

You could now play them on a modern record player ( Because I have played my Doors break on through hip pocket) if the arm does not stop at a certain distance when it gets close to the label of a regular 33 lp or the center of the turntable.

So If anyone out there has a copy of hey Jude on hip pocket format , I will give you money just so I could have an audio copy of it & I will not repost it or add to a blog or anything If you don't wish.

After a little bit of discussion and fellow beatle collectors posted someone mentioned about the 5 minute edit of hey jude on the us version of the 20 greatest hits album

& i Wikipedia it and this is what came up : For the US album, catalogue number SV 12245, a five-minute edited version of "Hey Jude" was used due to time constraints; this edited version dates from 1968 when it was created for use by Capitol Records on the four-inch flexi "Pocket Discs" that were sold in vending machines at that time.

Now are there three different regular versions of hey jude that are out besides the anthology & love version? .

the original single ,
the hip pocket version &
the 20 greatest hits version ....

or are there only two?
the single regular versions &
the hip pocket& 20 greatest hits version that are the same thing?

because why would all these sources above say 3:25 about the hip pocket & the wikipedia info from the 20 greatest hits version of hey jude say 5 minutes?

Please help thank you..

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