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Jerry Feb 28, 2012 03:33 PM

The Guitar Collection: George Harrison iPad App
The next several monthly contest winners will receive a free download of the new Harrison app. See the contest forum for more details.

Press release....


BANDWDTH Publishing, in conjunction with the George Harrison Estate, announces the release of a special iPad app celebrating the guitarist and his historical guitar collection. The Guitar Collection: George Harrison iPad app is available through iTunes today, two days before Harrison's birthdate.

The app brings George Harrison's private guitar collection to life through photographs, detailed descriptions, audio, and video footage. For the first time, with the help of unique 360 imaging by photographer Steven Sebring, fans can see the scratches, dings, and worn threads on the guitars as if they were themselves holding the instruments. The app features a number of Harrison's best known guitars, including the Gretsch G6128 Duo Jet, the Gibson J-160E, the Rickenbacker 360/12, the Fender Stratocaster named 'Rocky', the Ramirez Classical, the Fender Rosewood Telecaster, and the Zemaitis Lotus 12-String, Additional guitars will be added to the app in the future.

Fans can examine Harrison's private guitar collection, through personal audio recordings from Harrison himself as he introduces many of the guitars and plays sections of songs.

The history of each guitar is laid out in great detail; including the origin of the guitar, when and how it became part of Harrison's collection, modifications he made to it and why each was so important in creating his distinctive sound. Songs from his catalogue are organized by the guitars used on each track, which allows the user to appreciate the personalities of each instrument.

The video section of the app contains footage of Ben Harper, Josh Homme, Mike Campbell, and Dhani Harrison each playing and showcasing the guitars and exploring their feel and tone. In addition, Conan O'Brien and Dhani discuss what make these guitars so exceptional. Also in this section, guitar great Gary Moore shares his views on what made George Harrison such a distinctive and influential guitar player.

The app, available now, is selling for $9.99 at the Apple App Store, at the link below:

Watch a video previewing the app's features at the link below:

ringo_rama Mar 20, 2012 06:24 PM

I was lucky enough to win this and finally played around with it last night. It's actually pretty cool...there's a ton of stuff and I only really scratched the surface. The videos are great--you get to see Dhani play some of the guitars and it's a rare look at a more serious (but still awesome) side of Conan O'Brien.

The best part though is you can look at all the guitars from a 360-degree angle (and yes, Rocky is the coolest of the lot). Each guitar has a list of some of the songs it was played on, as well as background info on the manufacturer and George's history with it.

My only criticism is the relative lack of music. You can listen to 30-second samples of a lot of tracks (with easy access to purchasing them on iTunes, natch) but it would've been nice to feature a soundtrack beyond "Marwa Blues" on the main screen. And as an aspiring guitarist, I'd love to see them develop an update where they display the chords to (or better yet, directly show how to play) some of his more famous tracks. Right now, it's just an incredibly awesome interactive virtual museum. But it has the potential to be an even more awesome interactive instruction tool.

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