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FPSHOT Jul 22, 2009 08:41 PM

Rising Sun
Often for instance this song is mentioned as to having a Jeff Lynne influence to the strings and cellos;

Here are a few more quotes about the song

"Jeff Lynne: 'There were some clues on the songs. And he actually left us little instructions, like about a string part that's, uh, that he'd sung onto the tape. And, uh, that Dhani had actually added one part to that and it became a beautiful string part. In reality, conducted by Marc Mann, with a double bass and, uh, four violins and that's... that's all it is.' Dhani Harrison: 'The song, y'know, the structure was all there the, y'know, his parts were perfect and polished and wonderful, and great drums by Jim Keltner and... y'know. It was... it was a great posh demo and, uh good enough to not have to be recorded for us to, y'know, to put these lovely string bits on, so that, y'know, he could hear it how he always thought about hearing it.' [...] Jeff Lynne: 'Y'know, I love the whole [Brainwashed album] because we gave it a lot of loving care and made it, but, y'know, maybe one of the... one of my favorite melodies is probably Rising Sun.' Dhani Harrison: 'Yeah, Rising Sun's a... Rising Sun's a classic."
Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison (November 19, 2002 - All Things Considered NPR radio show)

"Fortunately, Harrison had left Dhani and Lynne details on what he wanted for the songs' arrangements and production. Often the tapes themselves contained clues to Harrison's desires for the songs. 'For instance, on Rising Sun he'd sung his ideas for the string parts onto tape,' says Lynne. 'Marc Mann, who played keyboards on some of the record, wrote out the parts that George had sung, and Dhani added one little line on the top of it. And so that became the part for the string players.' 'When Jeff and I were working on the song Rising Sun, it was one of the saddest and happiest things to work on,' says Dhani. 'To hear the finished result, with the big strings on it like my dad had intended-- it was the best thing ever. And then to realize that he never got to hear it, even though he probably just heard it in head the whole time-- for me, it's still one of the saddest things ever.' [Dhani goes on to say,] 'Rising Sun was written on the Live In Japan tour in '91. I remember my dad playing that around the house on the ukulele.'"
Vic Garbarini (January, 2003 - Guitar World)

"A chap called Mike Moran had played [the strings] on a synthesiser [sic] and my father had written the parts with him. So songs like Rising Sun, the string arranger that we used, Marc Mann, he was always gonna be in on the project. My father had told me about this great guy who was gonna come and score all the parts, and so it was just completing the process how he would have done it. ...But what was hardest about it I think was finishing something like Rising Sun with all this beautiful string arranging that Mark [sic] did and getting it all obviously how he had heard it in his head, how we'd never heard it before. And then to listen to it and then think, oh but he never heard it coming out of the speakers."
Dhani Harrison (May 28, 2003 - Johnny Walker's Drivetime Show on BBC Radio 2)

darkhorse23 Jul 22, 2009 09:48 PM

Thanks for posting this

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