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LucyLennon4me Sep 01, 2006 05:55 AM

Question about Cyn's book JOHN

can anyone shed some light for me?

I recently bought the paperback edition of Cynthina's book John, and I think something is wrong. On the book description says it is 320 pages.
My book is 306 pages with the index, 320 if you count all the forwards and introductions and stuff. BUT - here is the problem - a lot of folks have said Cyn refers to ALL MY LOVING song as written for her, but I am already up to chapter 15 where they go to india and I have not seen any mention of the song in the book yet. I think the song came out before Sgt. Pepper so what happened? Also in a review of the book on a website somewhere someone wrote they liked the book but they "could have done without knowing John's name for a certain part of his anatomy" which I thought might be a reference to a pet name John had for his penis. Most men have one. but again no mention so far. I looked to see if I had an abridged version of the book but all it says is first edition paperback. What's the deal? did I get ripped off?? Short sheeted? Is this the whole book?? I bought it new at Barnes and Noble in person so I am confused. If any one knows what page or chapter the all my loving passage is in or the nickname please let me know.


wildewoman Sep 01, 2006 06:35 AM

I haven't read that book yet, but didn't Paul write the bulk of All My Loving?

LucyLennon4me Sep 01, 2006 06:37 AM

yes paul did. the issue is where is it in the book? I think I got short sheeted.

GirlWithKaleidoscopeEyes Sep 01, 2006 07:41 AM

Perhaps you bought a newer edition or something like that. I have no idea if there even are multiple editions, but that could explain it.

LucyLennon4me Sep 01, 2006 07:44 AM

i bought the paperback which should have the same info as the hardcover. all other books do.

SF4-EVER Sep 01, 2006 08:25 AM

I have the hardcover edition, but I don't remember either of those points. Could just be that it's been a while since I read it and that I'm getting senile in my old age. :wink1: I can check tonight when I'm home.

LucyLennon4me Sep 01, 2006 08:46 AM

ok thanks. here is the review I spoke of. Please pay attention to points 4,5, and 7.

In point 4, he states that on page 259 penny lane etc. This is on page 194 in the paperback.

In point 5, This guy talks about stuff from page 323 which is puzzling as the book only has 306 pages. 320 if you count all the forwards and introductions.

In point 7, I would like to know what it is.

11 of 12 people found the following review helpful:

A must read for any Lennon fan, November 20, 2005
Reviewer: C. Davis "ramlin33" (Somewhere in Utopia) - See all my reviews

This is an excellent book, and one I thoroughly recommend to readers interested in John Lennon. The book is written by John's first wife, Cynthia, who gives a personal and if somewhat sad description of her life with John and his relationship with their son, Julian. It is hard to argue against any of the emotions expressed in the book (suppressed anger, dismay, hurt and the desire to challenge the reputation, as set out in other Beatle biographies, as being someone being insignificant and who trapped John into marriage because of her pregnancy).

Being John's first wife and mother to his first son, this book gives an invaluable insight into the complex personality that makes up John Lennon. What we learn, in a nutshell, was that (i) John loved Cynthia and had a significant (albeit non-exclusive) relationship with Cynthia for about 10 years: (ii) he was a dreadful father to Julian (partially admitted to by John in one of the last interviews he gave before he died); and (iii) John could never deal with confrontation and one of his ways of dealing with confrontation was to cut people off. It should be noted that Cynthia writes, on the whole, in a very restrained and dignified manner - there is no vitriol in her writing style - at worst, there is understandable anger in the way Julian, her son, was treated by John and Yoko over the years.

Despite my glowing praise I do have the following observations and criticisms.

1. Cynthia's behavior upon discovering John and Yoko together in their marital home is beyond comprehension. I can understand that the shock of the discovery may have led her to say something banal, as she did, to John immediately after the discovery. What I don't understand is that according to the book, Cynthia returned to the marital home, the following night and Cynthia and John got back together again for a couple of weeks or so (this is interesting in itself since, as all Beatlemaniacs know, the first night that Yoko and John got it together they recorded "Two Virgins" - now we know, after recording Two Virgins with Yoko, John went back to Cynthia and, according to Cynthia, proclaimed his love and desire to make the marriage with Cynthia succeed). After resuming their relationship, Cynthia then decides to fly to Italy on holiday, without John, thereby giving Yoko the opportunity to come back in - which she did - and the rest as they say, is history. This is what I didn't understand - how could she have gone away at such a crucial and sensitive point in her marriage when she knew that someone was there in the wings, so to speak, to take "John away".

2. Cynthia is painfully honest in concluding that her marriage had really broken up during the mid 60's when John had discovered drugs - their estrangement is manifested in Cynthia failing, literally, to get on the train with John to Bangor for the Maharishi's retreat in August 1967. In this regard, I do think that Yoko does receive, understandably from Cynthia, but from others, undeserved criticism. By the time Yoko came on in the scene (well before 1968), John had simply drifted apart from Cynthia or, to use a not very nice term, had outgrown her. To get some measure of this, I would recommend the reader to read one of the last chapters of Hunter Davies' authorised biography of the Beatles. In it he describes John at home around January/February of 1968 (just before the Beatles went to India and the formation of "johnandyoko") - anyone reading Davies' pen portrait of the Lennon's is disclosed an outsider's excellent description of the boredom and estrangement that John then had with his environs - it was only a matter of time before John was going to do something......and in this regard Yoko did free John from the boredom and disenchantment that he then had.

3. Although I totally agree and am dismayed at johnandyoko's treatment of Julian - regarding Cynthia, I am not. Yes, John was a total s*** towards Cynthia, but this happens in many a marriage that fails (even then, it wasn't as if John was violent towards her or was mentally cruel). I do not condone or defend John's action in this regard - however, in marital breakdowns, it is often the case that a spouse, after finding a new lover, totally switches off and refuses to have contact with his/her ex. It's wrong, but this doesn't place John or any divorcee behaving in such manner, beyond the pale. Regarding the divorce settlement, which Cynthia in her book decries, I do think it was quite generous. The standards in this regard should be those of 1968 and not 2005. Although her QC (i.e. lawyer) advised her that Cynthia was entitled to half of John's assets, that simply was not the law in England at that time - indeed the concept of 50-50 sharing of marital assets in English divorce law is extremely recent (since around 2002) and is a rule of thumb, not applied in all cases and, in this regard, the recent high profile divorce of Martin Sorrell (owner of WPP ad agency) who managed successfully to argue in the English Court of Appeal that his ex-wife of 30 odd years is "only" entitled to 40%, and not 50%, of his fortune - bears this out. Cynthia accepted the divorce settlement against the advice of her counsel - it therefore ill behoves her to quibble that settlement and blame John and Yoko for their parsimony in this regard - I do however, tend to agree and sympathize with Cynthia when it comes to the maintenance agreement regarding Julian - but then again, she was either badly advised or she made the wrong decision....

4. There are some bad factual howlers in the book which I hope will be corrected in the future. In particular: (i) Cynthia claims that "All my loving" was written by John about her. This song was written by Paul and not, presumably, about Cynthia; (ii) Cynthia states that George picked up, and became interested, in the sitar on the set of "A Hard Days Night" - this is not true it was on the set of "Help!"; and (iii) on page 259, in respect of the single Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever, it is written: "The single reached number one, but it was the first to fail to go straight to the top of the charts since Please, Please Me". The single didn't reach number one in the UK and the first single of the Beatles not to go straight to number one in the UK, since Please Please Me, was "Paperback Writer".

5. On page 323 she states that she was aware of the discontent between Paul and John before she split with John. It is a pity that she didn't further amplify this statement.

6. I do take the view that the publication of her book in 1978 "A Twist of Lennon", during John's lifetime and during the period when Julian was visiting John, was ill conceived. Cynthia as good as admits that she wrote the book under pressure from her then husband, John Twist, but I do not think this, or her subsequent justification for its publication on the grounds of her restraint or absence of dishing out dirt, do her any good. The book should not have been written at that time (unlike this book). As an interesting side note (not fully mentioned in the book), John and Yoko tried to obtain an injunction against Cynthia and the News of the World (who were then serializing it) from publishing the book or printing extracts from it. John and Yoko's lawyers at that time were relying on an English legal precedent (Argyle v. Argyle) which held that events that take place within a marriage are confidential and, accordingly, for a spouse or ex spouse to write a book revealing what happened during the marriage is a breach of confidence entitling the innocent party to an injunction to restrain publication. John and Yoko (and Cynthia, I suppose), assisted English jurisprudence, as the English Court Of Appeal held, in a somewhat trenchant judgment given by Lord Denning, that such duty of confidence does not apply where the spouses put their own private life into the public view (as johnandyoko were somewhat prone to do...).

7. I could have lived without knowing John's pet name for an important part of his anatomy.

8. Relationships between ex-wives and current wives can be somewhat tricky at the best of times. I do, therefore, think that Yoko's behavior to Cynthia in recent times, given this paradigm, is understandable, if not laudable - in this regard, I don't understand why Cynthia was, together with Sid Bernstein, leading the 50th birthday tribute to John - this surely was Yoko's (or Julian's) province not, with due respect, something an ex-wife should have been involved with -this may account for Yoko's not very well managed reaction in this regard.

That being said, and I do have other quibbles, it is an excellent book. Cynthia Lennon comes out as a rounded and good person, and, more importantly, a mother any son would be proud of. I have every sympathy with her conclusion at the end of the book, despite it being quite shocking - and I hope, now that the book is out, she can enjoy the rest of her life and bring the chapter of her life with John to a final close

Lucy Sep 01, 2006 03:55 PM

I can say without a doubt that I DEFO remember the bit when she said that All My Loving was written for her (I remember because I thought to myself "Poor Cyn, you are WRONG!") but I don't have my hard back copy with me here to check the pages for you (I took it back when I last visited NZ to add to my official Beatles library as one of the most prized items since it was personally signed with my name just for me heeheehee yipeeeeeeeee!!). I can't remember the bit about the pet name but that could be that I have forgotten that.
But yeah, All My Loving gets a mention and that was well before the bit when she describes India. Something is up, for sure. You would expect that the hard cover and paperback would be the same, wouldn't you??!

SF4-EVER Sep 01, 2006 04:26 PM

The "All My Loving" reference is on page 117 of the hardcover version; it's actually in Chapter 9...Chapter 9.... I didn't see the "pet name" listed in the index; perhaps that's just as well. :wink1:

LucyLennon4me Sep 01, 2006 04:37 PM

thanks for checking - no I do not see it listed in the index either. some folks suggested it was "throbber" cause he said that in one of his letters to her, but that is more of a "condition" then a pet name.
As far as the all my loving.... wrote:
> The paperback version must be abridged because she definitely wrote sin
> the HC cover version that "All My Loving" was written by John for her.
> It's on the right-hand page just after the photos. I don't have the
> book with me so I don't know the page but it's definitely in there.
> I've read the book twice.

Well it is the first edition paperback that just came out 8/1/06. I
looked where you said and all it says is "In those days it wasn't
really done to publicly dedicate songs to those you loved, but I know,
and John told me, that many of his songs were for me. He and Paul wrote
from their own experience,and I was so much a part of John's life that
I also became part of the fabric of his writing. It was simply
understood that his loves songs were our songs"
No mention of All My
Loving, no reference in the index, and nowhere inside or outside of the
book does it say Abridged or unabridged.

The above in quotes is what my book says on page 117. Perhaps the publisher corrected it?

EnchantingLennon Sep 01, 2006 07:39 PM

I agree that Cynthia made a mistake of thinking that All My Loving was for her- it was written by Paul for Jane Asher. Perhaps she was really thinking of It Won't Be Long, which was written by John and was released at the same time as All My Loving; also they are both pretty much very similiar on the subject. Truthfully, she should've have paid much closer attention to her husband's work!

As for the trip to Italy in 1968 that Cynthia made with her mother, aunt, uncle, and Julian, it's safe to point out that before the trip was arranged and she and John were, at the moment, back together, John was due to go to New York with Paul to promote Apple. Cynthia asked John to go along and he said no so she arranged the trip to Italy.

John's reference to his private anatomy didn't at first came out in Cynthia's book that he was having a "throbber" whenever he thought of her- it originally came out in 1984 in Lennon by Ray Coleman which displayed the letters that John wrote to Cynthia while in Hamburg.

I have three other wrong doings in the book as well myself...
1) The 1963 belated Honeymoon that John and Cynthia took to Paris wasn't for 3 days, it was more for two weeks; near the end of the holiday, Brian Epstein joined them- not a mention about that!
2) The dress she described wearing to the A Hard Day's Night premiere was NOT the dress she actually wore- it was the Help! premiere that she actually wore the dress with the feather-edge coat. The A Hard Day's Night premiere dress was actually black, sleeveless gown with white gloves. There's photographs of proof.
3) You would think that Cynthia would know her best friend's daughter's name- Maureen's youngest daughter is not named Alexandra- it's Augusta. Although I have suspicions that Cynthia is actually trying to protect Augusta she should realize that the truth is indeed out there, even though Augusta is not widely known as Zak, Jason, and Lee are as celebrity children.

I have both hardcover and paperback books of John, but I haven't yet compared them but I'll certainly will keep this in mind about some references that were mentioned above.

instant karla Sep 01, 2006 08:21 PM

in cynthia's other book, a twist of lennon, she incorrectly states her wedding date as aug. 23, 1963 (it was 1962). if she can't remember a milestone, then it's easy to understand why she can't remember what she wore to a movie premiere.

beatlebangs1964 Sep 01, 2006 08:54 PM

The type size and the size of the book can have something to do with the page numbering. Since the paperback is a smaller book, the way the words are broken on the page will affect how they are numbered. You aren't missing text; just the size of the book is different.

Legs Sep 02, 2006 01:56 AM


Originally Posted by instant karla
in cynthia's other book, a twist of lennon, she incorrectly states her wedding date as aug. 23, 1963 (it was 1962). if she can't remember a milestone, then it's easy to understand why she can't remember what she wore to a movie premiere.

If she can't even remember that, I wonder what she can remember and how correct her new book is.
Still I have yet to read it, but I would almost return it.

LucyLennon4me Sep 02, 2006 09:30 AM

This is a response I got at another board

Manfred Noland wrote:
> In my hardcover version that I purchased in Canada, Cynthia says that
> starting in the Hamburg days and even more so during the wild and hectic
> gig schedule of the Beatlemaniacal year of 1963, most of the time John
> was on the road she rarely heard from him via telephone and was lucky to
> see John on the telly; most of their correspondence was via the post.
> Cyn says, " ...though John only wrote back one letter for every ten I
> sent.."
> John typically signed the few letters he sent with..
> " All My Lovin'
> John "
> Paul took this as inspiration for the song " All My Loving "
> Cynthia also writes:
> " It was bad enough that John insisted on giving certain parts of my
> anatomy pet names but shortly after our marriage decided to give his
> erection the shameless name of " Little Elvis ".
> He only referred to his penis as " Little Elvis " when it was in an
> erect state which was every damn morning which any woman who has been
> pregnant knows is not exactly a pleasant way to wake up. John loved to
> torment me by insisting I watch " Little Elvis " dance ! I'm sure John
> enjoyed this as I knew all too well he didn't appreciate my lack of
> enthusiasm for morning sex or at any other time of the day that late in
> my pregnancy. If I didn't enjoy it John obviously did judging by his
> fits of maniacal laughter as he flexed his erection in mockery of dance.

I replied Is this quote from the "John" book or the "Twist of Lenon" book?

What chapter of the book is this quote in? I am up to chapter 17 and
have seen nothing like this at all.

Is this even true? Anyone see anything like this in their version?

Now I am REALLY ANNOYED!!!! How many versions of this book did she put out? The UK one. the Canada one, the US one, the paperback one, ALL ARE DIFFERENT??? Are we supposed to buy ALL of them to get her story?

acabrera Sep 02, 2006 10:26 AM

I really dont believe that Cynthia published multiple versions of this book. That is not the reason...
I bought it at Amazon, and Im completely sure that I never read those disgusting sentences about "Little Elvis". Im very surprised. She is always very respectful about the things she talked about John.

Piracy could be responsible for that? I mean, there are many versions on the Internet of a lot of books. One example that a friend of mine told me about, was Harry Potter for example.

LucyLennon4me Sep 02, 2006 10:32 AM

well now someone said on the other board that it was made up. so if no one else has a copy that says the little elvis comment I guess it was made up.

Christ you know it aint easy :rolleyes:

Legs Sep 02, 2006 02:16 PM

As always with books there is a hardback and paperback version, that's all the difference there is.
I haven't read the book yet, but I am sure that mine hardback version is the same as any other hardback version or paperback version.

bearkat77 Sep 02, 2006 08:29 PM

Libel statements made here are not acceptable for any reason. Let's all play nice now.

Dr. Dreamer Sep 05, 2006 07:26 AM

Back on the "All My Loving" recollection of Cynthia's. I find it entirely possible that she would feel correct in saying John wrote it for her.
Though, yes, history shows it was for Jane from Paul.
BUT consider this...
At the time it was written and they were performing the song, it was still early in thier career. John- likely having been unfaithful at this point- felt a degree of guilt (remember Norwegian Wood later on was was his story of infidelity to Cyn). So to appease his guilt and perhaps fend off some concerns or suspicions or even an argument she had about his behavior on tour- he told her that he worte it for her to smooth things over. That seems somewhat logical to me. Any takers??

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