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lastjedi Jul 04, 2020 02:13 PM

Beatles at Shea New Edit
hello i'd like to share my beatles at shea new edit with everyone.i fixed many bad edits in the concert, and there were many.nobody has bothered to fix john playing ahead of twist and shout.also fixed bad edits in a hard day's night and help! and ticket to ride.i also fixed the speed issues showing them play too fast in dizzy miss lizzy.or too slow in other parts.i made new edits of she's a woman and everybody's trying to be my baby.the she's a woman floating around on the internet shows the beatles performing at the nme concert.but i always thought it looked a little too faded and hard to see the beatles behind the background of the i fixed that and made it a little more clear by using my own footage and making a complete new edit of that.and as for everybody's trying to be my baby? well i will just let you see it for yourself.

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