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Jerry Jun 13, 2003 08:54 AM

1963-06-19 - BBC Radio - Paul McCartney
June 19, 1963 - 8:45-9:45 P.M.
Paul McCartney
Interviewed By Brian Matthew
Playhouse Theatre, London, United Kingdom
Broadcast June 23, 1963, 10:31-11:30 A.M. On BBC Light Programme, Easy Beat

BRIAN MATTHEW: Thank you very much. Now, we brought down, front stage, Paul McCartney, who I believe was twenty-one last week, right Paul?
PAUL: Yeah, that's right.
BRIAN MATTHEW: Well, congratulations.
PAUL: Thank you.
BRIAN MATTHEW: Did you have a party?
PAUL: Yeah, we had a great time. Yeah, marvellous, lovely.
BRIAN MATTHEW: Any girls there, any girls there?
PAUL: Oh yeah, one or two, you know.
BRIAN MATTHEW: Well, now, for the benefit of all the little darlings who weren't there, how about you singing a song for them?
PAUL: Yeah, okay, then we'll do "A Taste Of Honey".

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