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beatlebangs1964 Aug 12, 2014 03:59 PM

RIP, Lauren Bacall
"Like Bogie & Bacall..."

Lauren Bacall, veteran actress who named the Rat Pack just died. The Golden Age of movies is getting steadily more silent.

peanut333 Aug 12, 2014 04:21 PM

My late mom once told me, Lauren stood her ground in her golden Hollywood days and refused to let Hollywood push her around. Wow they say celebrity deaths come in threes, who's next.

Lynner Aug 15, 2014 02:24 AM

RIP, Ms. Bacall.

My favorite movie of hers is "To Have & and Have Not".

beatlelover45223 Aug 15, 2014 05:47 PM

A wonderful actress who remained elegant to the end. RIP!

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