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sedwards Jan 24, 2015 07:36 AM

Butcher Cover Help
Hi Folks,
Came across this wonderful site while trying to find out some info about a Butcher Cover Yesterday and Today pressing I came across. I can't seem to match it up exactly with any of the discogs pressing listings, and being just a causal LP collector myself, thought I'd just come to the experts for help.

Here is the cover:

And the back:

The label from side 1:

The Side 1 matrix is very faint, but it looks like T1 2553 ??. The Side 2 matrix is much more readable as T2 2553 G4:

Finally, it looks like this came out of pressing plant 3:

The cover is in fairly good shape. The vinyl itself is slightly dull, but very, very clean with one very faint, inconsequential 2 inch hairline on one side.

Thanks in advance for any help id'ing this pressing!

Harb83 Dec 28, 2015 11:28 PM

That's a damned good peel! The 3 on the back of the cover indicates that it was pressed at the Scranton, Columbia plant. All looks legit and a great find! Should have an orange Capitol inner sleeve with it.

If I had to put a price on it, judging by the photos I'd say it was worth around the $150-200 mark, though might sell for more if the disc was in great condition and it had it's original orange Capitol inner sleeve. The market out there is a bit all over the place.

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