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adrian15 Nov 09, 2000 06:47 AM

Share Beatles Videos Through Napster
Hey. Are you wondering of downloading Beatles videos as if they were mp3 songs. Well through Napster.

It's very easy. First you have to get WRAPSTER PROGRAM, and its cracks for Napster.

The address is:


Once you've read in the webpage how to use the program, and how to crack Napster to allow you to share videos.

You can connect to a non Napster server to share Wrapster files. (I think Napster servers don't allow to share Wrapster files but I'm not sure).

To choose your server in Napster, you will need to download napigator. is the official address.

And if you want to search an specific song, or NAPSTER USER, you can go also to

Well, have fun, and consider to share Beatles videos, as we can all see them.

Please visit
the page where every Beatles fan who is using Napster can know about other Beatles fan and the albums they share.

And when they connect. And which is their Napster nickname. It's as easy as adding users to your hotlist.

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adrian15 Nov 15, 2000 06:27 AM

Re: Share Beatles Videos Through Napster

You can download from this address:
scour exchanger,

a great tool for exchanging MP3 and videos

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