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Jerry Jun 10, 2003 06:33 PM

00 Do You Want To Submit An Interview?
Click HERE for an example of a typical interview. I'm looking for any Beatles-related interview you can find.

When you're putting together the interviews, please try to make your message appear like the sample interview. In other words, it would help if you put the following information at the top:

-Full date of interview
-Who is being interviewed
-Who is asking the questions
-What the interview was for, such as a newspaper, radio station, magazine, etc. (please give issue number or edition if it's a publication, or title of LP or CD if it was transcribed)
-Where the interview took place

For the actual interview, please capitalize the names followed by a colon, just as it appears in the sample interview, and don't bother with quotation marks.

Also, if you have any background information or pictures directly relating to the interview, please send those along too.

When you have everything ready to go, send it all to

Finally, if you happen to find a site out there with interviews, please do not just copy them and send them to me. I need to get full permission from any site owner before I can copy their transcriptions and work.

Thank you in advance!

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