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misfittoy May 11, 2013 05:42 AM

Misfittoy's second master story thread
Here we try this again. The conclusion to The Ahrimanic Dream:

misfittoy May 18, 2013 04:52 AM

The Pushpacka Time Structure pt 1
A young teen girl visits a house where the Beatles stayed back in the 1960s. Rumor has it one can still hear them around the property.

misfittoy May 21, 2013 06:42 AM

The Pushpacka Time Structure pt 2
The teen girl returns to the mysterious gazebo in search of more visions of the Beatles

misfittoy Jun 16, 2013 11:02 AM

Fic: Funeral For a Friend
John staged a mock funeral for Paul outside of Lee Eastmen's offices in the early 70s

misfittoy Jun 26, 2013 06:26 AM

Fic: The Playboy Magritte
Why did John put a cigarrette through a priceless painting while visiting the Playboy Mansion?

misfittoy Jul 02, 2013 04:57 AM

Fic: Shopping at Herod's
The boys get a shopping spree at Herod's department store...only what exactly are they trying on and buying?

misfittoy Jul 03, 2013 11:28 AM

Fic: Sunday in the Park with George
Just a fantasy about visiting Friar Park one Sunday afternoon

misfittoy Jul 10, 2013 05:16 AM

Fic: Belamy's Got a Job to Do
This is from a series of PID fics that deal with the clues being that Paul was in a mental hospital in late 1966 (Note: this is fiction) rather then a car accident.

misfittoy Jul 23, 2013 04:47 PM

Fic: Birds of a Feather
Paul has two spiritual encounters involving birds and those he loved that have passed on

misfittoy Jul 28, 2013 03:20 PM

Fic: Warner's Office
George shows up drunk one day in a record exec's office

misfittoy Aug 03, 2013 04:51 AM

Fic: Video Games
Paul and Ringo check out the new Beatles Rock Band and it has a surprising effect on both of them

misfittoy Aug 06, 2013 05:58 AM

Fic: The Surprise
George and Ringo crash one of Brian's gay parties as a prank and get a big surprise when they learn who else is there

misfittoy Aug 13, 2013 06:33 AM

Fic: Lunch with Paul
what was it like to have business lunches with Paul at Apple Corp?

misfittoy Aug 15, 2013 05:57 PM

Fic: The Way Out Dentist
Pattie finds the behavior of their dentist a little odd and learns of odd things the others have experienced too

misfittoy Aug 21, 2013 04:22 AM

Fic: Headquaters
shopping during the summer of love in LA with George

misfittoy Sep 16, 2013 03:40 AM

Fic: Collective Magic
George has a few weird fan encounters in one day:

misfittoy Sep 17, 2013 07:00 AM

Fic: Eating Cookies
Ringo and the others have some laughs while eating cookies shaped like their likeness

misfittoy Sep 18, 2013 06:45 AM

Fic Devil in a Cab pt 1
While having dinner with their dentist, John and George are dosed with LSD

misfittoy Sep 24, 2013 04:20 PM

Fic: Devil in a cab pt 2
John and company flee their dentist while the LSD takes hold

misfittoy Sep 27, 2013 04:16 AM

Fic: Devil in a cab pt 3
Now the clubs are closed and they try to make it home to George's. But the LSD hasn't worn off

misfittoy Oct 03, 2013 07:52 AM

Fic: Invoking John's Spirit pt 1
and it's my annual occult story for the season. Might get an R rating. I'll have to see how much this one sticks to my outline.

Paul finds a cute necklace dedicated to John but begins to notice some sinister changes around him with those that wear it.

misfittoy Oct 28, 2013 03:44 AM

Fic: Invoking John's Spirit pt 2
Paul does not like the behavior of those he spies wearing the necklace

misfittoy Oct 28, 2013 03:45 AM

Fic: Invoking John's Spirit pt 3
Paul needs to talk to someone about what he is observing

misfittoy Oct 30, 2013 06:10 AM

Fic: In the Court of the Jester
The Fabs visit Bob Dylan and everyone is so paranoid about not being cool enough

misfittoy Nov 13, 2013 06:22 AM

Fic: Parker's Visit
Colonial Parker actually visited the boys before that famed meeting with Elvis and gave them presents.

misfittoy Nov 23, 2013 03:53 AM

Fic: Answer Phones
Ringo finds funny, emotional and strange messages from the others on his Answer Phone over the years:

misfittoy Nov 30, 2013 05:17 AM

Fic: Self Bondage pt 1
A side of John that no one else ever deals with in fics but is very important to him. The part of him that understands and enjoys Yoko's conceptual art.

misfittoy Dec 03, 2013 05:09 PM

Fic: Self Bondage pt 2
John implements the instructions on Yoko's card

misfittoy Dec 20, 2013 05:24 PM

Fic: 8 Arms to Hold You
a fan in the lobby of a hotel gets a big surprise

misfittoy Dec 27, 2013 04:20 AM

Fic: Tribute to a Friend
A mysterious poster appears on the Gates of Abbey Road on what would have been John's 70th Birthday

misfittoy Jan 04, 2014 04:52 AM

Fic: The Scruffs pt 1
A fan becomes one of the girls who hangs out around Paul's house

misfittoy Jan 07, 2014 06:35 AM

Fic: The Scruffs pt 2
She makes it to Paul's house

misfittoy Jan 10, 2014 04:02 AM

Fic: The Scruffs pt 3
and now she returns to Paul's house for hopefully another encounter:

misfittoy Jan 14, 2014 06:19 AM

Fic: The Scruffs pt 4
Despite stealing Paul's things, the girls must go back to his house

misfittoy Jan 27, 2014 03:45 AM

Fic: The Scruffs pt 5
Brenda tries to get a message to Paul before the girls in front of his house see all his secrets

misfittoy Feb 01, 2014 06:05 PM

Fic: Racing in the Black Rolls
Just a fun story about the Beatles and their cars based on a tale Paul told in the Anthology book.

misfittoy Feb 14, 2014 05:31 AM

Fic: Postcard from the Boyfriend
During the Lost Weekend, Ringo talks about a postcard he got from George and how John made fun of him for it

misfittoy Feb 18, 2014 06:04 AM

Fic: Still Friends After All That
Living in LA on his own, Ringo finds George calling him. Is he ready to see him yet?

misfittoy Mar 07, 2014 05:19 AM

Fic: Baby on Board
Paul and Linda find one of their children cramping their style.

Note: Pg-13 to R. There is no explicit sex here but it is a factor in this one

misfittoy Mar 27, 2014 03:31 AM

Waiting for George
The girls who stand outside of George's house get a bit of a thrill

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