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Jerry Jun 13, 2003 08:21 AM

1963-04-03 - BBC Radio - Gerry Marsden
April 3, 1963 - 8:30-9:45 P.M.
Gerry Marsden
Interviewed By Brian Matthew
Playhouse Theatre, London, United Kingdom
Broadcast April 7 1963, 10:31-11:30 A.M. On BBC Light Programme, Easy Beat

BRIAN MATTHEW: Gerry, nice to have you with us, have you been enjoying the show?
GERRY MARSDEN: Fabulous, thanks.
BRIAN MATTHEW: Good, well now I know you're a great mate of the Beatles, so I wondered if you'd care to introduce their next one, they're going to do their new record number.
GERRY MARSDEN: Oh, very good, yeah, definitely. Um, well this is one which I really think is gonna be a hit, I hope so anyway.
BRIAN MATTHEW: A number one like yours?
GERRY MARSDEN: Oh, yeah. And uh, yeah, I just hope it's gonna be a hit, and I've nothing more I can say except uh, 'how do you do it'? And, I sincerely hope that this song...
BRIAN MATTHEW: Tell them what it's called then.
GERRY MARSDEN: Well not yet, wait!
GERRY MARSDEN: Sincerely hope that this one will go for the number one spot, from ME to YOU, thank you.

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