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The Complete Works of the Lads in one bunch

Posted Mar 07, 2008 at 11:33 AM by BadLittleKid
It took me almost ten very exciting years to collect the official Beatles CDs, and of course I had to earn all the money first to make purchases possible. My mother probably bought me just one CD, but I always enjoyed getting a new Beatles disc with some previously unheard tracks. The biggest disappointment was Magical Mystery Tour, and the greatest positive surprise was Abbey Road. The first album I bought in 1991 was Rubber Soul, and the last of all the albums was Let It Be in 1998.

Today because of Purple Chick and Lazy Tortoise there has been a real renaissance of Beatles collecting, but the amount of data has turned out to be so ridiculously big that I seriously doubt that many people really are going to burn all the music into audio discs. Some folks have stored all the PC and LZ data as flacs into a hard drive but maybe that is not the safest possible place for the collection. I have burned almost all of the Purple Chick's Deluxe albums into audio CDs but with the A/B Road collection you hardly are going to go that way! 83 discs of pretty boring - I dare call it boring - jamming and chatter in a studio with hundreds of roll announcements and sub-par performances. With many discs of "Long and Winding Road" alone you may want to look for another storage solution.

In my case I burned the A/B Road into data DVDs, it took three complete discs and a bit of fourth, all the music in flacs and rar archives, some 25 full-lenght albums on one disc! Madness, but cool.

You can basically get as much Beatles as you want but if you only want everything in a best sounding audio you need the following items:

Officially released albums and complemetary singles (28 Discs)
Purple Chick's (154 Discs)
Lazy Tortoises (47 Discs)

With all mistakes possible: 229 available discs so far of the Complete Essential Beatles Tracks, but surely you can get much more of it, BRG remixes and the Capitol Versions are not included in this count except for the tracks featured in Purple Chick's editions.
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Legs's Avatar
Might make a good topic for the bootleg forum, what do you do with all your purple chicks and other downloads. For now I saved them all on an extern hard disc, which I think is safer then to burn them on dvd-r's. But I also put some of them on dvd'r. I am planing to burn some audio discs, the new Hollywood Bowl, "I hope we passed" and perhaps "Strong Before Our Birth". I have downloaded some of Purple Chick's titles as mp3's from the preminum members forum, which I have put on my mp3 player.
Posted Mar 08, 2008 at 08:22 AM by Legs Legs is offline
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