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We're in 2008 and these days I hardly buy a CD. I did yesterday and even in 2008 style.

I was listening to some songs I d/l from "Detours", the new Sheryl Crow album. So taken by it I decided to order it at a Dutch online store which is good, cheap and quick in delivery of books, CD's and what have you.

Less than 12 hours later I have it here at home, the actual physical CD.

And yes, it sounds much better than a download, I can hold the booklet and read some nice things there and even laugh when I see a name I recognise who appears on this album and who I "know" from "L Word", from "What About Brian" and from the usual gossip about Paul McCartney so called new women-in-his-life.

Now... I choose to buy this CD just because it is the first new CD in a long time which really attracts me, so where my Dutch instinct tells me to get cheap what you can get cheap.. or call it the Entrepeneurs instinct of us Dutch.. this time a Download from LimWhire was not enough for me... I wanted to have the real.

I am probably the onle one having that huh...

Oh..ofcourse anything Wilbury/George I buy and even make sure I have it before the rest of the world has it...via my "sources" who never let me down sofar...which is an awesome feeling LOL
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