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Posted Feb 12, 2009 at 03:42 PM by SilverBeat
It was 45 years ago (February 7th) that The Beatles arrived in America at JFK. I have posted a new song in celebration of that special day in 1964.

I was about seven when the Beatles landed in America, and was not part of the craze that crossed America at the time. My older Sister’s and Brothers listen to Motown, so that’s what I heard around the house on a every day basis. However, in 1972 The Beatles hit me right between the eyes, and it‘s been love ever since.

I could only Imagine what it was like to be a teenager on the day of February 7th 1964. I know we can catch the Beatles on DVD or You Tube, and that helps, but I need more than that. So, imagine is what I will do, it’s the next best thing to being there.

I wrote Imagine for that very reason as well as to express my love for the Beatles and music in general.

I posted “Imagine” and a second one as well, “Imagine reprise”.

The lyric is what I imagine it was like to be a teenager in the Sixties!!!


There must have been a billion girls
Tears in their eye's crying out Their names
Dad said the worlds gone crazy
The news man said the kids have all gone insane
Yeah - that’s when the whole thing blossomed
Sure did change those worn out boring days
Bulbs popping - cameras rolling
Life was young
Rock N Roll had set a blaze


Imagine four young lads
Setting the world on fire
Imagine a craze so mad
Out of control with desire

There must have been a billion guys
Stars in their eyes playing out Their songs
Mom said their hair's so shabby
The barber said that hair's just way to long
Yeah - that's when the party started
Felt like it was never gonna end
Drums pounding guitar screaming
Grass was green
Peace and love had set a trend

Repeat chorus

Oh good times they never have to end
You can visit any time you want - just bring your ears and your mind to attend
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