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Jonas Brothers: New Beatles? no comparison

Posted Dec 24, 2008 at 08:57 AM by LennonsSecretChild
The Jonas Brothers and The Beatles are compared to each other, in fact some people
think that the Jonas Brothers, are better than The Beatles. Although comparing The
Beatles to The Jonas Brothers, and visa versa is an unfair battle. Especially, when it has
to do with their live performances. People should stop this comparison because these two
groups are completely different from each other. Not only the groups, but especially the
technology available to each of them.
The Jonas Brothers have the newest technology, which they use in their shows. For
example, they have: ear pieces, better amplifiers, and definitely better stages. If the Jonas Brothers "went back in time to the
1960’s," most likely they could not perform with ease because the technology was not advanced. They also have props on stage like fireworks,
choreographed dancers, and miscellaneous lights, this was not available at The Beatles’
concerts. The Beatles, however basically played their songs, had little commentary, and
then played another song. Because of technology, the styles of performing are not
Alan Henderson, from Throwback Music, gives The Jonas Brothers the upper hand
by saying “They electrify the crowd with their performance in an almost supernatural
fashion. Now John Lennon and McCartney were good, but they just lacked that
connection with their audience.” This statement is naďve, remember, back in the
1960’s the sound systems were extremely terrible. Consider the Shea Stadium concert held in 1965, where there were over 60,000 girls screaming and crying. It is documented in The Beatles Anthology that because of the noise level The Beatles’ could not hear themselves playing. Because of the sound systems they couldn’t connect to their audience and they did the best that they could with the circumstances they had, obviously it is unfair to compare these two bands.
The Beatles influenced music, fashion, movies, and politics. The Beatles were around for ten years, in that time they affected many
people. For instance, in the movie “Just Gimme the Truth,” there was a man living in John Lennon’s garden because he thought that the song “Dig a Pony” had meaning to his life, and was written for him. This is a good counter argument for how The Beatles did
connect with people through their songs!
Comparing The Jonas Brothers with The Beatles is an obvious way of telling people
“I barely know what I am talking about and I’ve only heard of these bands.” It would be
best if people stopped comparing them because they are excessively diverse from each
other. It would not be fair if you say The Jonas Brothers are better than The Beatles,
because this is not taking into consideration the whole picture, only their appearances.
The Beatles were only about music, perhaps The Jonas Brothers are also, and they
probably do not appreciate being compared to legends, like The Beatles do not appreciate
being compared to a boy band.
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Georgina<3's Avatar
I like both bands, but I would not say Jonas are the new Beatles. both have different stye and sound. plus Jonas did a remake for Hello Goodbye and it was gross! I was so saddened by that! If your going to do a cover song do it right or don't do it at all!
Posted Mar 18, 2010 at 08:42 AM by Georgina<3 Georgina<3 is offline
The Jo Bros will never write with the same level of genius as The Beatles.
Posted May 16, 2012 at 10:43 AM by thebeat_les thebeat_les is offline
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