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Shuffling part 2

Posted Jan 28, 2008 at 07:12 PM by digdad
Well, I donít really feel like doing dishes right now, so why not do a little shuffling instead. Hereís part two of the giggling, excuse me, shuffling.

Opihi Man by Kaíua Crater Boys on Putumayo Presents Swing Around the World
Hawaiian swing. Does it get any better? This is another of my Public Library finds. A great little collection of swing tunes, mostly from the U.S. with bands like Squirrel Nut Zippers. The really neat tracks on this collection are the African ones--one in particular from Zimbabwe is popular with little Diggirl.

How Soon Is Now by the Smiths
This one always takes me back to undergrad days. I had a roommate who was a big Smiths fan. Funny, it seems like it was my other roommate at the time who dominated the stereo system, always playing his Greatful Dead, UB40, and Bob Marley, but I guess the Smiths must have been played some of the time if they so strongly take me back to that apartment unlike the other bands.

No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley, the live version on Legend
Funny how that works out. Looks like my other roommate is not to be left behind. Legend was the only Bob Marley album he had, like many people, and he played it over and over. Come to think of it, this song in particular does take me back to that apartment too. To tell the truth, I though Marley was okay then, but not the bees knees like many friends in college. It wasnít until years later when I heard his early ska stuff with the Wailers that I really came to appreciate his music. Something about the raw sound of those tracks grabs meómuch like the BBC recordings of the Beatles for me.

Noorie by Bally Sagoo on Putumayo Presents Asian Groove
Hi Ho Public Library! This is such a cool collection of songs to just sit back and groove to. The collection is dominated by Indian artists like this one. This song is sort of like Indian Lo-Fi. It needs incense though. The residual scent of my red beans and rice just isnít cutting it.

Time by Sarah McLachlan on Afterglow
This is one of Digmomís albums, but I just had to include it on my iPod. Sheís got such a beautiful, dreamy voice, and I love the use of the harmonies on many of her songs. This is one of those albums that I never really seek out to listen to, but when it comes on in the random play I think, this is really a good album, why donít I play this more?

Daisy by Yum!Yum!Orange on Orange Funky Radio
You just have to love the name of this band. Theyíre a Japanese ska-pop band with female vocals. Theyíre either a 4 or 5 piece band, I don't remember. They play fun, feel-good music. I found them by searching around YouTube and I had already been listening to another Japanese ska band called Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, a 10-piece band with a big sound, but then found YumYum and really liked their pop take on ska as well.

Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Etc. by Puffy on Jet
Puffy is an interesting Japanese duo. You (or your kids) may know them as Puffy AmiYumi from a cartoon series they had running in the States. They play songs in just about every conceivable style, and itís just that eclectic approach that I love. This track is like disco in the classic Donna Summer style. They just have to be wearing roller skates.

(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson on The Incredible Soul Collection
I got this 2-disc collection of classic soul songs from a friend, and it is absolutely amazing. The great songs are non-stop. I also have the remake of this song by Jimmy Cliff, which I also love, on my iPod.

Over Drive by Judy and Mary on Fresh
I tend not to listen to this album on its own for some reason, so Iím not too familiar with the tracks. When this one started, I thought it might be Jet or some band like that. Then the distinctive female vocals of this Japanese band came on. Her voice has almost a teenage quality to it, which can be a bit strange given the standard rock rather than pop music they play. Again, I believe I grabbed this album because of a recommendation.

If You Wanna by Paul McCartney on Flaming Pie
Kind of simple lyrics, but itís definitely a catchy song. Pure McCartney. I do love the guitar work in this one with the wailing electric lead coupled with the acoustic rhythm and the addition of little acoustic solo phrases throughout.

Eleil Eleil by Hassan Houssini on The Essential Arabia
My Middle Eastern dinner party collection again. This is a track done in a traditional Arabic style with a really nice bouncy groove to it. Add some electronic effects and this could be a great dance track at a club (hey, if it could happen for Yoko...). As it is, it inspires images of a street festival in Morocco. There is some really interesting percussion going on in the song, which almost sounds as if it has a distortion effect added, but itís probably just the instrument.

Well, thatís enough for now. I donít want the dishes to get crusty.
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