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No Beatles

Posted Jul 22, 2008 at 01:19 PM by Legs
I know this is in my Beatles section so it contradicts the title of the topic somewhat, but hey it's my blog.

Just returned from a holiday.
Visited family in Serbia, relaxing a bit at the pool, swimming, walking and all that supposedly healthy stuff. To balance the healthy activity we had lots of unhealthy fat food. But that was not the point of this topic. Prior to my vacation I had my mp3 player loaded up with all Beatle music, apart from some other English or at least Englisch singing artists. All the Beatle albums nicely wrapped up and packed into this little thing, I only listen to while traveling.
Back in the stone age I used to travel with this piece of electronic called the Walkman, you had these things you call tapes wich can contain up to 90 minutes of music. At this moment my mp3 player is laughing, only 90 minutes?

Anyway it migh as well could have been zero minutes cause I seldom listen to back then the tapes and I didn't take out my mp3 player at all. I often find I like to listen to the local music much more then what I take from home. Ofcourse when I was on holiday in the U.K. the local music was what I took from home, so it didn't matter.

However what was the first thing I heard on Serbian radio? No Beatles ofcourse, didn't you pay atention to the title of this topic? But it was another U.K. band I had on my mp3 player. It would have been more funnier had it been the Beatles, but Pink Floyd was what it was and I am not good in making things up.

So there you have it,
another, fill in what you think here, blog entry from me.
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hibgal's Avatar
Another "he always makes me smile" blog entry from Legs!
Posted May 22, 2009 at 06:15 PM by hibgal hibgal is offline
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