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Apple Rating: 8.84, Votes: 32
Contains details and ordering information for the book "Billy Shears: The Secret History Of The Beatles," which is the story of the man (Billy Campbell) who secretly replaced Paul. Site also includes Paul Is Dead clues, a walking tour of Liverpool, and more.
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Number Of Ratings 32
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10 Rating 8.84
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Georgette Harrison Rating: 10 19-Jul-2004
I really liked the story! It was great to imagine everything and for you to be able to create this history out of a hoax. I bought mine only two days ago and already finished it!

Johnnie Rating: 6 12-Jan-2004
Okay, personally I didn't like it... at all. Why give it a six then, you ask? Well, the reason I didn't like it was that there were certain things that just don't fit in with the facts, which frustrated me. But if you don't know them (such as John and Yoko got together after Sergeant Pepper's was made) then it's probably not so bad.

Metal Rating: 9 28-Oct-2002
As an avid follower of all types of music and the history behind it I was captivated by the Good Doctor's story. Having first heard the rumors of Paul's demise in the late 70's, it's a wonder no one has explored this in depth (even if it is just fiction) until now. You don't need to be a Beatle fan to enjoy the intrigue in this book. Now Lev, if you could just tell us what really happened to Hendrix......

Pete Dicks Rating: 8 28-Oct-2002
When I began reading...I was confused, thinking that I'd be reading about FACTUAL Beatles events, and all became clear when I realised that I'd missed the point of the book. Once I understood how 'Doc' was thinking, I got into the book and enjoyed it for what it is.. a story containing information about the subject...and what COULD have happened! An enjoyable read!!! (review edited from that on beatlesandbeyond)

Sharon R. Rating: 10 11-Sep-2002
Though I am not a avid follower of this aspect of Beatles history, I was captivted by Bruce's weaving of the factional and the fictional. A triumph in creating plausible faction. Those uninitiated to facts surrounding the hoax my leave this read scratching their heads..."I wonder..." Kudos Dr. Lev!!

Fross'T' Rating: 10 11-Feb-2002
Been following PID since it started... Go, good Doctor!

Bernice Kluger Rating: 10 30-Jan-2002
I thoroughly enjoyed Doctor Lev's "Paul-Is-Dead" book ('Billy Shears') from beginning to end. It filled in all the gaps about the Beatles that I always wondered about. I'm going to recommend it to all my friends!...Long live the Beatles music!

jeff hill Rating: 10 28-Jan-2002
riviting,two thumbs up !!! doctor lev pulls no punches.i couldnt put it down and cant stop talking about it !!!!

Rhonda Pearle Rating: 10 22-Jan-2002
This site is a must see for any Beatles fan. Dr. Lev is truly the #1 Beatles fanatic...there are totally cool facts about the Beatles I've never known... the book is brilliant!!!

Paul Ramone Rating: 10 20-Jan-2002
What a fun story! I'm convinced it really happened! Great job, Doctor Lev!

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