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Apple  Beatles Buddy Icons Cool! Rating: 9.61, Votes: 71
Contains Beatles & solo members' buddy icons for use with AOL Instant Messenger.
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Review Info For Beatles Buddy Icons
Number Of Ratings 71
Breakdown Of Ratings
10 Rating 9.61
Highest Rating 10
Lowest Rating 4
Number Of Reviews 71

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Julia Rating: 10 6-Mar-2007
The Beatles deserve not a 10, but an infinite rating! They will forever be the best band, past, present, and future. I'm happy to say that there's still a lot of fans, and honored that I'm named after one of their songs! They're the best at what they do. Gotta love those four guys named Paul, John, George, and Ringo!

Scott McDevitt Rating: 10 3-Jan-2007
Led Zeppelin is way better then the beatles, but the beatles are great as well

Zingoleb Rating: 10 18-Dec-2006
Weird! A Day in the Life just started playing as I Clicked this link!

Shiloh Rating: 10 15-Dec-2005
I love The Beatles! But I have to say that i'm truly a John Lennon fan. Damn that Mark David Chapman for killing such an amazing man! Long Live Lennon ¤10/9/1940-12/8/1980¤ "If you want to die, do it. But if you want to live, get on with it." -John Lennon

Revtil Rating: 9 15-Dec-2005
i love the beatles and their songs and movies. john, paul, george, and ringo. give peace a chance!

kaia Rating: 9 6-Dec-2005
The layout is nice, perhaps a bit garish, but that's just me, and the icons are well organized. A very nice tribute site. :) P.S. Yoko isn't really that bad, guys. All good things must come to an end.

Erica Rating: 8 1-Dec-2005
i think they're pretty good but i think you could get better pictures and i think you should make one that says and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make... that would totally rock.. other than that they're freakin sweet! i LOVE THE BEATLES!! omg they rock!!! if you don't like the beatles well then you don't know jack about music!!! *.:Erica:.*

Niki Rating: 10 13-Jun-2005 dad LOVES the beatles..he's been listening to them all his life. I grew up listening to their music and just resently I've gotten into them. I own all their cd's/albums and their movies and everything i love them. They really did change music forever. No other band will ever top The Beatles. Its amazing how many records they came out with within the short years they were together. I love the beatles and they changede music and history forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alec Howey Rating: 10 8-Mar-2005

Adam Rating: 10 17-Feb-2005
The Beatles rule.John is the best.And Yoko Ono is not the devil.

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